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Dropbox – Dropbox is one of the easiest ways to upload, edit and share documents and files with your team. You can also download Dropbox onto your desktop and manage files locally.

OneDrive – Similar to Dropbox, OneDrive makes it easy to share files and docs with your team. I prefer OneDrive because i work with Windows 10 across most of my devices and I can also easily access files from Android or iOS using the app.

Asana – Asana makes managing tasks within your team very easy. It is also very clear which tasks need to take priority, what progress has been made and what is upcoming. In addition to using in-browser Asana, the app is also very good.

Trello – Trello is fantastic for sharing ideas within a team. Everything is managed with boards and cards and you can break these up with to do, doing and done. The colour-coded labels and upload options are also very helpful.

Canva – Managing design work within Canva it easy. You can comment on designs, share designs, like designs and much more. You can also gain access to a large library of images as a team for a small monthly fee.

Slack – Messaging for the 21st century. You can integrate apps to improve workflow, instantly chat with colleagues, access and share files and much more.

OneNote – The ultimate digital planner. Write and share lists, get screens easily, password protect sensitive sections and see who has edited what and when.


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