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I have been using ebay for many years with 1k feedback for my own account and over 7k combined feedback for my clients. However in 2018, there is a big conversation with ebay, why have sales seriously slowed down?

I do still recommend ebay to clients, however, I also recommend my clients use alternatives also, because you can no longer put all of your eggs in one ‘ecommerce basket’. There have been a few theories on why it has been particularly hard to sell on ebay in 2018, some include;

  • Algorithm changes The most famous change for ebay was the new Cassini search engine which rolled out from 2013. But there have been many further changes within Cassini since, some minor, others more complex.Only the programmers know exactly how Cassini works and sellers are having to use ebay SEO techniques to stand out. These include better titles, item specifics, choosing the right categories and product identifiers from the ebay catalogue.
  • Serious competition This particularly applies to new products but can also apply to used products. With competitors buying in larger quantities and offering products at very affordable prices, free postage, long return policies, it is much harder to compete. On top of this, there is now well over 2bn listings on ebay. It’s like going into world’s biggest shop with endless rows to browse.
  • Reduced traffic Relating to the above, Google have also made many changes to their algorithms which has in the past had made a big impact because traffic from Google to ebay. google’s algorithms are very complex and can make incredible changes to the volume of traffic to websites. When people ask me about ebay, I do not recommend they completely leave ebay, despite some doing just that. There are, however, many alternatives out there to choose from, and whilst they might not have the traffic that ebay does, you might find better visibility for your products and reduced fees.

There are many alternatives to choose from including Amazon, Etsy and eBid. There are also classified platforms like Gumtree (owned by ebay) and Shpock and let’s not forget the king of social media, Facebook. Further out of town, however, there is a little ecommerce marketplace called StuffMine. My first ecommerce client back in late 2014, and together, we launched

More than three years have past since this journey began and the core purpose of StuffMine is now more relevant than ever. Affordable, fun and multiple formats (auctions fixed price and classified). So why do we think these three benefits are so imporant?

  • Affordable We have made StuffMine a very affordable marketplace for our members. Free to join and list (no sales means absolutely no fee). Just 3% FVF (final value fee) when you sell your item(s) using our auction format, 3% for fixed price sales and absolutely free classified listings. You can even advertise your business with a website hyperlink and up to 24 photos using our free classifieds.
  • Fun & friendly We have several brand characters to help you along tour StuffMine journey, most especially on StuffMine social media. We have live countdown timers for auctions, YouTube video integration and a friendly 5-star feedback system. Plus an Android app and the ability to hyperlink your StuffMine listings to your other websites and platforms.
  • Multiple listing formats & features Helping to bring you more options and choices under one roof. A choice of auction, fixed price and classified. Plus an easy to use CKeditor, rapid photo uploading and free instant scheduling by listing immediately but choosing exactly when your listing ends.

Take a sneak peek at the wildest marketplace in the west right here.

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