Welcome to eAdvice. We launched in February 2015 and offer advice and services for both eCommerce and digital marketing.

With eCommerce, we help by building custom online stores which are fully responsive for mobile. Along with expert advice for your eCommerce business including stock sourcing, cyber security and logistics. We also help with marketplaces such as ebay, Amazon and Etsy.

Digital marketing is essential for eCommerce as well as almost every other form of business. We can build professional WordPress websites with additional CSS code to make you really stand out. The mobile version will be fully optimised to give a unique experience, this is where most of your traffic will be in 2019.

We also help with social media, SEO (search engine optimization) and give expert advice on building your brand.

Now that we are in 2019, we are working with many clients in the UK & Portugal. We are working hard to become a small, fun and cutting edge marketing agency.

Clients we are working with in April 2019

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